Installing Linux Kernel From Debian Backports

Debian buster-backports started to serve kernel 5.6+ around mid June, 2020. By installing Linux kernel from the suite, we’ll have in-tree WireGuard kernel module and some more up-to-date drivers, all officially signed.

Setup Debian Backports Suite

Create file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian-buster-backports.list with following content.

Install (amd64) Linux Kernel From Backports

The package of interest is linux-image-amd64, which provides wireguard-modules.

Install WireGuard

Package wireguard depends on wireguard-modules or wireguard-dkms. As the system now have wireguard-modules, we don’t have to compile WireGuard kernel module locally with DKMS, or fiddling with kernel module signing (to have Secure Boot enabled) anymore.


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