Installing Developer Toolset on RHEL-based Distributions

Comes in handy when you need newer versions of developer tools such as GCC, GDB, Valgrind, etc.

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Executables built with the Red Hat Developer Toolset toolchain can then also be deployed and run on multiple versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux; on the other hand, executables built with self-compiled GCC often require another copy of runtime libraries to run due to GLIBC/GLIBCXX ABI incompatibility, leaves deployment complicated even for systems with identical OS version.

Install Software Collections

In order to install Developer Toolset, Software Collections must be installed first.


yum-config-manager --enable rhel-server-rhscl-8-rpms


yum-config-manager --enable rhel-server-rhscl-7-rpms


yum-config-manager --enable rhel-server-rhscl-6-rpms


yum install centos-release-scl

Scientific Linux 7

yum install yum-conf-repos
yum install yum-conf-softwarecollections

Scientific Linux 6 (EOL)

yum install ""

Install Developer Toolset

Install the version(s) of your choice. Yes, they can co-exist.

Developer Toolset 10 (GCC 10, etc.)

yum install devtoolset-10

Developer Toolset 9 (GCC 9, etc.)

yum install devtoolset-9

Developer Toolset 8 (GCC 8, etc.)

yum install devtoolset-8

Developer Toolset 7 (GCC 7, etc.)

yum install devtoolset-7

Developer Toolset 6 (GCC 6, etc.)

yum install devtoolset-6

Developer Toolset 4 (GCC 5, etc.)

yum install devtoolset-4

Developer Toolset 3 (GCC 4, etc.)

yum install devtoolset-3

Use Installed Developer Toolset

Say you want to use Developer Toolset 8, you can run

scl enable devtoolset-10 bash

to invoke a BASH shell with environment variables setup to run Developer Toolset 10, check it yourself with

gcc --version


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  1. This is a killer page. Thank you so much, I was about to compile myself. I don’t mind doing that always, but was not in the mood today. Also I manage a whole cluster so 3 lines to replace ~300 lines of scripting is very nice! Thank you.

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